Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence at Dogtown Media

June 23, 2021 - 3 minutes read

The year was 2011. Adele topped the Charts with “Rolling in the Deep”, The Hangover Part II was raking it in at the box office, and two techies were introduced one winter’s day at a backyard barbecue. Sharing a few laughs and cold beers, I befriended my future business partner and CTO, Rob Pope. Five months after that fateful day, Dogtown Media was conceived and our start-up was born. You never know where an introduction will lead or when the knock of fate will deliver a budding dream into reality.

What started as two guys on a couch dreaming up app ideas has morphed into a tech powerhouse, spread across three continents and 12 time zones to tackle global challenges. This only became possible because of the talent and dedication of our team. I am so extremely proud and thankful for their passion, vigor, and inspiration. From humble beginnings we found ourselves in frequent conversations, searching for an opening into a new technology bound to change the world, optimistic but unaware of where the future would take us.

Although the road may be windy, the path is clear for us to invent and reinvent the mobile future. It’s a thrill and blessing to work with the most innovative companies on earth, from VC-backed start-ups to Fortune 500’s; like Google, Redbull, and Harvard Medical School have entrusted us to turn their imaginative concepts into a digital reality.

Over our ten years in business, we’ve been honored to receive numerous accolades and awards including making the INC 5000 list for fastest-growing companies in America three years in a row and have been named a top mobile app developer on earth by Clutch Research every year since 2014. This emphasis on disruptive design has allowed Dogtown Media to help startups bring concepts to the market enabling organizations to go on and raise over $1 billion dollars in venture capital and create thousands of high-paying jobs across the country.

Outside of disruptive design, Dogtown Media has prioritized outreach and philanthropy, raising significant funds for charitable foundations, and promoting STEM education to thousands of students in the United States, Japan, and Latin America. Further, Dogtown Media has partnered with government institutions to formulate smart policy and accelerate the adoption of telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and digital health innovation within health systems across the nation.

I want to wholeheartedly thank our team, our esteemed clients, the tech community, and everyone who has helped make this journey so special. We couldn’t be more excited to see what’s in store over the next 10 years.

Onwards, and upwards.

Marc Fischer // CEO & Co-founder of Dogtown Media

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