5 Big Tech Predictions for the Next Five Years

December 19, 2013 - 2 minutes read

tech predictionsFor the eighth consecutive year, IBM has released its list of five upcoming technology innovations which will make a major impact in the next five years. The 2013 edition is heavy on learning, and it’s not just people who will learn from machines; machines will also learn from people.

IBM’s first prediction is that tech tools will revolutionize education. Rather than conforming to “one size fits all” curricula, educators will have tech tools at their disposal which allows them to customize the learning experience to fit the needs of individual students. The hope is that these adjustments will improve high school graduation rates and make education more accessible to disadvantaged populations.

Technology will also be used to make buying locally more attractive to consumers. Retail displays and in-store associates will be able to leverage digital and online information to provide shoppers with a comprehensive and interactive experience that online vendors will simply not be able to reproduce.

Third, IBM predicts that doctors will begin correlating their patients’ DNA with the results of treatments for diseases such as cancer. With the healthcare industry already offering major opportunities for mobile app developers, upcoming breakthroughs in the field of nano-medicine will continue to redefine the doctor-patient relationship.

Next, IBM believes that “digital guardians” will become ubiquitous. These online avatars will use advanced technologies to verify user identities and safeguard passwords and personal information from would-be identity thieves.

Finally, IBM is predicting the rise of the “smart city.” Automation is increasing in lockstep with the continued growth of urban populations, and technology that connects people to the cities in which they live will become a vital part of the urbanite’s lifestyle. The New York City mobile app developer collective is taking note — there will be unprecedented opportunities to integrate technology into everyday city life in the years ahead.

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