5 Tips for Writing an Outstanding App Store Description

May 28, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Even the greatest, most ingenious apps on the market need to be promoted properly to reach a customer base. Yet, with thousands upon thousands of software products on sale in Apple’s App Store, the app’s description needs to be carefully crafted to attract the notice of the right shoppers. With that in mind, here are app store description tips the pros use to snag attention:

  • Say it in 255 characters or less. The App Store’s description fields allow for about 255 characters before the reader has to click to “read more.” If you can’t fit your entire description in that many characters, put extra effort into making the first 255 too compelling to turn down.
  • Prioritize the user’s point of view. As the app’s creator, you view the software differently than potential users do. Yet, it’s impossible to sell the app to a user unless it’s packaged in such a way that the reader understands how and why to use it.
  • Use a “problem-solution” structure. This is a highly effective strategy — highlight the problem your app solves, then explain how your app solves it. Doing so creates a strong positive reaction in the reader — one that can drive sales.
  • Talk about major features. Don’t let small details derail a concise, effective description. You have 255 characters to make an impression. Use them wisely by focusing on major functions and benefits.
  • Add endorsements to boost credibility. Has your app generated good reviews or positive press? Mention it, so users know your claims are backed up by independent third parties.

iPhone¬†app development professionals also stress that it’s important to go beyond the simple facts. Eliciting an emotional response from the reader is one of the keys to generating more sales; ideally, the app description should inspire an “I want this” reaction, and playing on the end user’s emotions is the best way to elicit it.

These best practices are considered universal, regardless of whether you’re involved in mobile¬†app development Toronto, Hong Kong, the United States, Asia or Europe. These tips work in all languages and for all demographics; leverage them to your advantage and watch your sales rise.

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