Android and iOS App Developers Respond to Shifting Market Shares

January 28, 2014 - 2 minutes read

iphone vs android

This time last year, many of the world’s most talented and successful software developers preferred to create products for Apple’s iOS operating system. The iOS platform simply offered better technological tools and revenue potential.

Today, it looks as though the tides are beginning to turn. With Android-based smartphones swallowing up a growing market share, Apple’s chief competitor has too broad a user base to ignore.

A new survey conducted by Vision Mobile and Evans Data breaks down the numbers:

  • 34.4 percent of software developers identify Android as their primary target, compared to 32.7 percent who prefer to work on products for Apple’s iOS operating system
  • 84 percent of software developers working in the tablet market identify the Android platform as their primary target of interest, compared to 62 percent for iOS and 52 percent for Microsoft Windows

It is important to note that, on average, software developers work within 2.9 platforms. This indicates two key things: first, that iOS and Android app developers realize how important it is to diversify their programming capabilities. Second, it shows that the smartphone market is inherently multi-platform in its nature. It’s not a question of which smartphone operating system is dominant, but rather a question of changing market share.

The Vision Mobile market survey also offered other important findings:

  • Developers with more years of experience were more likely to prefer the iOS platform over Android
  • More and more developers are working in emerging markets
  • Android’s growth rates are highest in emerging markets
  • iOS developers averaged more revenue per app than Android developers, but the Android market has more growth potential than the iOS market

So, if you’re an Android or iPad app developer in Seattle, take note: software development has truly become a global enterprise, and taking a global focus can help you succeed.

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