App Store Review Process Cut by More than a Third

May 13, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Apple app store review times

New data from indicates that review times in the Apple iOS and Mac app stores are down approximately a third in both categories, prompting widespread approval from iPhone app developers excited about faster and more frequent app update possibilities. As of this writing, the Mac App Store average review time was down to 1.17 days compared to the 30-day high of 1.9, while the iOS App Store showed an even larger drop from 3.02 days to 1.62 in the same period. Considering that the average time was over 8 days just a year ago, the recent drop is a great sign for iPhone app developers worried about Apples long-term trajectory — especially considering the company’s stock value dip in comparison to competitor Alphabet.

Sources at Bloomberg Technology suggest that the trend may be part of internal iOS app developer-focussed initiatives leading up the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in upcoming weeks. Apple review times have long lagged behind those within the Google Play store. iPhone app Developers accepted this as a necessary evil allowing for Apple’s more vigorous — and more exclusive — vetting process. However, the long wait times don’t always add up to developer satisfaction, especially when rolling out updates to already-approved apps live in the Apple App Store.

The move is sure to boost developer loyalty to the Apple platform. Google’s development on Android has quickly shrunk the gap between Apple and Android products so far as OS and software quality, creating reasonable fears among London iPhone app developers that Apple might lose some of its stronghold among millennials and the middle class.

Apple stepping up to the plate to compete aggressively with Google on developer-focussed processes creates a huge win for both Android and iPhone app developers. Faster review times translates to better software and happier developers. Overall, hardware developers seem to be embracing the concept that the mobile experience is “all about the apps.”

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