Apple Acquires TestFlight, Drops Android Developer Support

March 3, 2014 - 2 minutes read

testflight burstly

Apple, Inc. recently acquired Burstly, the booming tech company behind products like TestFlight and SkyRocket. TestFlight is a popular mobile app beta-testing platform, while SkyRocket is a leading in-app advertising management tool. While terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed, tech industry insiders immediately began speculating that there was more behind the move than a simple acquisition of a valuable up-and-coming company.

For a clue as to what might really be going on, consider that a few days before the deal, Burstly announced that it would be discontinuing support for Android-enabled mobile devices effective March 21. The company also announced that it would be phasing out TestFlight’s SDK.

So what gives?

Burstly’s flagship products are among the world’s leading app testing and mobile marketing management tools. They have the potential to change the way apps are built and distributed to consumers. Apple’s acquisition of Burstly could prove to be a game-changing move as the company looks for new ways to compete with Android.

The Android platform continued to erode Apple’s market share in 2013, and that trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. By bringing Burstly into the fold, Apple acquires more than just a progressive and promising tech company; it gains complete control of proprietary software that could completely redefine the current mobile app development and distribution model.

Some industry insiders view Apple’s acquisition of Burstly as a defensive move, designed to slow down Android’s continuing development while putting this potentially valuable card in Apple’s hands.

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