Apple and GE Partnership Will Change Industrial IoT Apps Forever

November 10, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Apple and General Electric (GE) recently announced a new software development kit (SDK) for iOS. The SDK is available for use already; it helps iOS app developers create applications for Predix, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform created by GE.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says, “Together, Apple and GE are fundamentally changing how the industrial world works by combining GE’s Predix platform with the power and simplicity of iPhone and iPad.”

Through this partnership, GE CEO John Flannery says, “GE and Apple are giving industrial companies access to powerful apps that help them tap into the predictive data and analytics of Predix right on their iPhone or iPad.”

Apps developed using the new SDK are already hard at work, being applied in the industry. If a worker gets a call on their phone for a problem at the manufacturing plant, they can check out everything on their iPhone or iPad. This saves time and money for the employer, employee, and production line.

GE’s already made its name in Apple’s app store with its Asset Performance Management (APM) Cases app. It plans to continue collaborating with Apple to create more apps for GE’s own internal use and for customers. Both companies are helping each other out here – GE is switching all of its 330,000 employees to iPhones, iPads, and Macs, while Apple is promoting Predix to its customers and developers as its first choice for an industrial IoT analytics platform.

“Apple is known for setting the standard on hardware and simple software interfaces,” says Brian Hoff, director of corporate innovation at Exelon, where they use GE’s APM iOS app. “When you combine this with the power of Predix and all of the data Exelon is aggregating and analyzing, the possibilities for game-changing solutions are endless.”

Boston-based iPhone app developers, located in GE’s headquarter’s hometown, will gain a whole new breadth of opportunities both at GE and Apple, in addition to enterprise-level freelancing possibilities. Specifically, IoT app developers who have a good understanding of the differences between enterprise-level and consumer-level app markets will succeed.

Those developers leaning towards the industrial sector (manufacturing, logistics and supply chain industries) have a better initial footing on industry-wide problems needing solutions. Demand is also high for developers familiar with the smart city, transportation, and retail sectors.

The partnership between Apple and GE is a new type of idea, where consumer technology pairs with industrial experts to create solutions that both consumers and corporations can utilize. And with this type of demand, there are a lot of openings for smart, capable IoT and iOS developers all around the world.

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