Apple Announcing New Product Launches at iPad and Mac Event

October 14, 2014 - 2 minutes read

new ipads released

Apple is set for its second major product launch of the season. On October 16 at the Town Hall Theater in Cupertino, California, Apple is holding a major event, and rumor has it that the company will launch a new lineup of iPad and Macs while debuting its next-generation operating system.

Here’s a rundown of the products expected to make their debut at the event:

  • A new iPad Air. Along with other rumored iPad models, the iPad Air is expected to be one of the focuses of the event. Early reports suggest the revamped iPad Air will be even thinner than the current model, clocking in at just 7 millimeters. Biometric login technology is also thought to be one of the iPad Air’s new features.
  • New Macs. Long-rumored retina-caliber displays could finally see the light of day in a new lineup of Macs, the one-time Apple flagship which has fallen by the development wayside a bit over the past few years as the company prioritizes its wildly popular iPhones and iPads. Next-generation hardware is also expected to include new processors and vastly improved performance specs.
  • OS-X Yosemite. Apple is almost certain to debut its long-rumored OS-X Yosemite operating system at the event. One aspect of Yosemite that has a lot of people talking is its expected compatibility with the iOS 8 operating system, which was rolled out a few weeks ago.

Of course, iPad app developers the world over will be watching the event carefully. The new iPad models have long been rumored, yet software developers can’t move ahead with any degree of certainty until the product makes an official debut.

If you’re part of an iPad app development company in Chicago or anywhere else in the U.S., you’ll be particularly interested in the OS-X Yosemite’s rumored compatibility with the iOS 8. The synergy between the two operating systems could give rise to never-before-seen functionalities…and new opportunities for software developers.

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