Apple iPhone vs Google Android Battle Heats Up

September 17, 2013 - 2 minutes read


iphone vs android

On the heels of Apple’s special fall event, the battle between Android and iPhone for supremacy over the smartphone market is heating up. Apple’s launch of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S coupled with the roll-out of iOS 7 could potentially reverse the company’s fortunes.

Over the past few years Apple has seen there market share in the smartphone arena shrink precipitously in the face of cheaper device alternatives running off Google’s Android platform. Android now accounts for nearly 80% of all global smartphone sales, while the iPhone has withered to a small 14% share. With the release of the lower end iPhone 5C model, Apple hopes to claw back a significant portion of the smartphone market, especially in the developing world.

The iPhone app developer community has been captivated by the potential creative and business value that will soon be unleashed. According to an article by TechCrunch, some of the key features that propel the new iPhone ahead of Android are:

  • Touch ID Fingerprint scanning on the iPhone 5S
  • iBeacon replacing NFC as the new phone to hardware communication system
  • A7 micro-processor chip, making the iPhone 5S the fastest smartphone available

As an iPhone app developer in Chicago it may be too early to tell whether the iPhone 5C can even the playing field with Android or will end up being a flop. One thing is for certain, iOS 7 and iBeacon’s BlueTooth technology has huge potential. Expect to see an immense amount of innovation from developers connecting open-source hardware devices to iPhone apps. This will open up new industries and opportunities as the internet of things disrupts everyday life and continues to gain momentum.

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