Apple Launches the Connected Home with HomeKit for iOS 8

June 11, 2014 - 2 minutes read


With the age of the “smart home” close at hand, Apple unveiled its new HomeKit tool suite at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference. HomeKit is designed to help manufacturers of smart home products integrate their technologies into OS-powered Apple devices more easily.

From an end user standpoint, HomeKit will afford expanded access to smart home controls, including features like smart locks, security cameras, programmable thermostats, lighting systems and electrical components. Devices can be controlled individually, or grouped together for streamlined access through the iPhone.

Right now, Apple offers smart home connectivity through iOS, but individual features are controlled by separate apps. For example, the Nest app must be accessed to raise or lower the indoor temperature, while the Hue app controls the lights and the August app takes care of your smart locks. HomeKit will allow users to control every connected feature through a single app.

In addition, HomeKit gets rid of additional IFTTT steps which are used to enable location-based features. Essentially, HomeKit will allow connected smart home features to detect your iPhone at a distance, automatically turning on lights, unlocking doors and turning on your favorite music.

HomeKit holds the potential to revolutionize Bluetooth iPhone app development for household features, and signals the arrival of next-generation smart home technology. It also incorporates advanced security features, pairing specific iPhones to specific functions. For example, this ensures that you and only you will be able to unlock your door through your iPhone.

Programmers engaged with iPhone app development in Atlanta and around the country can also expect to see more and more “Made for iPhone” labels on newly manufactured appliances and home technologies. Apple has already forged official partnerships with companies including Texas Instruments, Honeywell and Haier as it moves towards a consistent and unified network protocol for smart home technologies.

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