Apple May Release Wireless Charging iPhone Within Year

February 25, 2016 - 3 minutes read

wireless charging iPhone in development

An insider speaking to Bloomberg recently stated that Apple is planning to join rivals like Samsung in the introduction of wireless charging technology for their mobile phones. While this technology has been widely available to mobile app developers on the market throughout the year and a mainstay of the iconic Apple Watch, the company has been surprisingly secretive about plans to take further steps with wireless charging technology. The question iPhone app developers are asking is simple: why wait?

The answer, as it turns out, is somewhat complex. Whether or not the rumors of a wireless charging mobile phone hold water, Apple is like playing a well-calculated long game in waiting to implement the new technology. Company statements in the past have derided wireless charging as offering little in the way of convenience, since plopping the device into a cradle similar to the Apple Watch is similarly restrictive as plugging it in the old-fashioned way to a wall socket. In fact, Toronto iPhone app developers will note that it might be even less convenient, since using the phone while it’s plugged in is common, particularly late in evening when users are using the device in bed before nodding off.

Rather, Apple is probably planning to release the hardware upgrade only once the technology has been developed to a point that charging at a distance of several feet is possible. While the rumors seem to indicate the device is coming within 2016, Apple has actually been working on the wireless charging standard since 2010, when they filed a patent for using iMac laptops as the charging station for an iPhone device. This could drive huge user engagement numbers for startup founders and Toronto iPhone app development companies, as it becomes possible for iPhone owners to continue using their phones while it was being charged without the tangle of wires or the inconvenience of a charging cradle.

Overall, it’s not really surprising that Apple has waited this long to experiment with wireless charging technology. It isn’t always the first company to implement hardware that nails that implementation — a fact which Apple is keenly aware of. The real question for iPhone app developers isn’t whether or not Apple will release a wireless charging iPhone this year. The questions is, when they do, will it be sufficiently revolutionary to flip the market back in Apple’s favor?

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