Apple Delves into New Advanced iOS Geolocation Features

July 21, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Based on two new patents published in the final week of June, 2015, it appears as though Apple is continuing its heavy research investments in geolocation technologies. The company’s existing geofencing capabilities, seen in features like Find My iPhone, appear headed for a twist based on the patent filings, which focus on emerging technologies that will allow multiple smartphone users to exchange geolocation information in real time.

One of the key applications of the new geolocation technologies is its ability to automatically distribute custom notifications between two or more smartphone users, using stationary WiFi transmitters known as “nodes” to generate information. For example, two iPhone users on a road trip in two different vehicles will be able to coordinate their smartphones to deliver instant notifications, by email or text message, when certain criteria are met. In one example, the users might be looking for a grocery store in an unfamiliar area as they drive, and configure their mobile devices to alert both users when a supermarket within a specified distance range is detected.

For iOS app developers, the new geolocation technologies could have sweeping ramifications in the not-too-distant future. Apple has confirmed aggressive efforts to boost its Apple Maps service, hoping to build a service that will give Google Street View intense competition while providing a wide range of potential applications for its developing geolocation technologies.

Dallas iPhone app developers and software professionals across the country will want to keep a close eye on Apple’s geolocation developments, as they will introduce a wide range of brand-new capabilities and functionalities when they are released. This, in turn, will create exciting new opportunities for creative software developers who embrace its potential.

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