Apple Now Accepting Apps for Apple TV Platform

October 28, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Apple TV, Apple’s new television device, is a hot item this year — so IOS developers will be pleased to hear that the company is now accepting app submissions for the new platform. Apparently they don’t want consumers to have to wait for a thriving app ecosystem, so anybody with an idea for a game or app for the new platform had better work quickly before the tvOS store starts filling up with the creations of other app developers.

Looking at the device, which sports standard minimalist Apple design features like low-profile curves and jet black plastic, it’s hard to believe it’s been almost 10 years since Apple originally started teasing the launch in 2006. At that time it was called iTV, and served to do little more than sync iTunes between your TV and computer.

Among the unique features of the device for app developers to consider are the layered parallax effect seen in demos of app icons, as well as a touch-sensitive remote. (The touch-sensitive remote in particular is expected to have some unique applications for gaming apps.) As reported by The Verge, apps for the Apple TV platform can be bundled with iOS apps on other Apple devices, allowing iPhone and iPad app developers to benefit quickly as the devices are turned on in homes across the country.

Preordered devices cost $149 and $199 respectively for 32GB and 64GB models. Apple CEO Tim Cook described the devices as “the foundation of the future of TV.” With plenty of cool features like Siri remote integration and a clean design promising to declutter the confusing and complicated network of television providers and services, the Apple TV is promising a lot of power for something that’s just a “platform.” Needless to say, mobile app developers in NYC and elsewhere are scrambling to familiarize themselves with the official guidelines for the device features and deliver their end of the Apple TV promise — a thriving, innovative app ecosystem.

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