Apple Revamps Mobile Tech with Unveiling of iOS 9

July 6, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Apple recently unveiled its upcoming iOS 9 operating system, which is expected to be officially released this fall. The company offered a sneak peek at iOS 9 during the 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference, which began in San Francisco on June 8. Reviews have been generally positive, with industry analysts and mobile app developers finding a lot to like about the new iPad and iPhone OS.

First, users will have the option to upgrade to iOS 9 free of charge, so long as the device being upgraded is configured to support the new operating system. On the plus side, reviewers and industry analysts noted that iOS 9 offers a wide range of strong, proactive new features that enhance the user experience and improve overall functionality. They also noted that the new operating system delivers badly needed upgrades to the iPhone and iPad’s keyboard layout, and that it is effective at reducing the amount of power it consumes, leading to extended device battery life. Onlookers were also excited to learn that Apple Maps in iOS 9 will finally offer public transportation directions, allowing users to plan routes using locally available forms of transit.

The downside, according to industry analysts, is that iOS 9 doesn’t really break new ground, at least in terms of capabilities offered by Google and Microsoft alternatives. However, Dallas iPhone app developers and Apple software developers throughout the United States should note that iOS 9 is still in the beta testing phase, and that Apple has not discounted the possibility that its new operating system could see significant changes between now and its official release.

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