Apple to Launch iPhone 6 and iWatch Devices

September 8, 2014 - 2 minutes read

apple iphone 6 iwatch

On September 3, Apple offered invitations to its much-hyped September 9 launch event. At the launch, the company is widely expected to officially unveil its hotly anticipated iPhone 6, and rumors are swirling that Apple will also offer sneak peeks at other in-development products, including a line of wearables.

The rise of Android-powered platforms has been eating away at Apple’s once-dominant market share, leaving Apple in need of answers. According to Eddy Cue, the director of the company’s iCloud and iTunes platforms, the upcoming Apple products will be the best in a generation.

Here’s a rundown and what onlookers expect to see on September 9:

  • Bigger and rounder iPhones. The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a larger-format screen, including 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. Apple is also said to have adopted a rounder, sleeker, more ergonomic phone design.
  • The iWatch. While its commercial release is not expected until 2015, look for the official unveiling of the much-anticipated iWatch at the event.
  • Sapphire displays. Durable, scratch-resistant sapphire surfaces are expected to become standard features on Apple’s new products. The company recently opened a dedicated sapphire manufacturing facility in Arizona, giving further credence to the rumors.
  • NFC-enabled devices. Both the iPhone and iWatch are rumored to make use of near field communications technologies, which will greatly enhance their capabilities and range of applications in the coming age of the “Internet of things.”

If you’re an iPhone app developer in San Francisco, the September 9 event merits very close attention, as it is expected to define Apple’s product line for the foreseeable future. The next generation of apps will depend on the technical specifications and capabilities of the new products.

The event will also present iPhone app developers the world over with a brand-new set of opportunities. With wearables, NFC technologies and other expanded capabilities on the horizon, the sky is the limit when it comes to the future of Apple apps.

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