Apple to Unveil Tool Kit for Watch App Developers

June 23, 2015 - 2 minutes read

When the Apple Watch was first released, some developers shied away from creating apps for It, citing constraints including loading times and limited animation capabilities. However, Apple is set to unveil a new tool kit for Apple Watch app developers that is expected to offer significant improvements.

The new Apple Watch developer tool kit will allow software designers to leverage deeper access to the smartwatch’s key components, including its motion sensors and heart rate monitors. This, in turn, will help them build more intelligent and more fluid apps that will remove many of the shackles that have inhibited Apple Watch app development to this point.

Industry analysts note that Apple’s CEO, Timothy D. Cook, has a strong interest in increasing the number of apps available for the Apple Watch. The smartwatch is the first brand-new product to be released by the company since Cook took over Apple’s top job in 2011. He is hoping the new tool kit replicates the successes of the iPhone and iPad, both of which benefited greatly from similar capability expansions.

Apple is remaining tight-lipped about Apple Watch sales, releasing only limited statements that claimed consumer demand for the device was exceeding current supply levels. Right now, the Apple Watch is available in nine countries, though Apple is reported to have plans to increase its availability to new markets in the near future.

Under the current system, Apple Watch app developers need to use a modified iPhone app writing model to create products for the smartwatch. The new tool kit will allow them to bypass that necessity, allowing them to create smartwatch apps without the need for iPhone extensions. Apple hopes that the tool kit will inspire mobile app developers in Toronto and around the world to build bolder and more creative software products for its smartwatch line.

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