Live Crowdsourcing App Gets You to Your Destination On-time

April 8, 2013 - 2 minutes read
hopstop app

HopStop app

With over 2 million active users, HopStop is taking the transport industry to a new level. Often times that level is found 100 feet underground on a subway line. Similar to the traffic crowdsourcing app Waze, HopStop has integrated with 700 transit agencies, covering 20,000 train, subway, and bus lines with an impressive 750,000 stops in total. Google Maps and Waze provideĀ  value to users by delivering real time data on traffic conditions, but HopStop takes data mining to mass transport like never before.

According to an article from the The Verge, this is the first app to do crowdsourced transit updates at large scale. Most cities in the world still lack real-time transit information, so HopStop is a welcome relief for millions of commuters across the globe. Above and below ground, 24 hours a day seven days a week commuters are alerted to delays and service interruptions that may adversely affect their journey via public transport.

As an iPhone app developer in Los Angeles its imperative that mobile app developers focus on solving real world problems. A savvy mobile app development team should deliver a product that adds value to the lives of their users. HopStop gets people to their destination in less time by leveraging a robust data network sourced by millions of users reporting on delays and service interruptions. The iPhone app developer community applauds great execution of an idea and break-out successes like this app.

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