Data Shows Generation Z Could Solve Tech’s Gender Imbalance

July 21, 2016 - 2 minutes read

generation Z techies

Tech has long been a predominantly masculine endeavor. Female startup founders face challenges getting capital (and getting taken seriously), something most techies realize but feel powerless to change.

Part of the problem is simply the high demand for a scarcity of tech talent. Many companies are left scrambling for app developers and technical employees, offering costly perks and packages to keep them from “jumping ship” when a slightly more attractive offer comes along. The source of the scarcity in technical talent — for both genders — originates in the decisions of college students 4–8 years ago: few pursued computer science, mostly men, and not nearly enough to keep up with the huge growth spurt in tech industry jobs over the past five years.

Recent data from universities and high schools around the US are beginning to show that the tides may change — or if not change, at least improve. A report from TechCrunch cites data that more women are pursuing STEM subjects than ever before, while bootcamp initiatives aimed specifically at women are seeing wide success in breaking non-technical college graduates into entry-level technical positions.

Generation Z is setting the groundwork for a large, educated computer science workforce of both genders. (Something San Francisco mobile app developers would have loved to see years ago, but better late than never.) Google alone has invested more than $50 million into pro-STEM coding initiatives. Dogtown Media, among other leading US app developers, has been meeting with government officials at conferences like this year’s AppCon16 to urge government action on computer science education and gender equality.

The payoff is sure to be big, but the work is far from done. App developers, educators, and governments across the country will have to work unceasingly to improve STEM education if we want to see brighter future for mobile technology.

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