Decoding Healthcare: Congress Pushing for Medtech Progress

June 7, 2016 - 2 minutes read

medical app developers

iPhone app developers have been pushing for MedTech for years. The value modern, mobile software offers in the healthcare arena is obvious, especially considering the US medical industry’s reputation for high bureaucracy  and steep costs.

While the vast majority of American don’t know about it, Congress has been slowly but surely pushing for MedTech advances on a high level in the medical industry. A new act passed last year and currently undergoing commentary in partnership with ACT The App Association promises that cutting-edge EHR (electronic health record) technology will be implemented in the healthcare system nationwide by July of 2016.

This is huge news for software and iPhone app developers because it signals the potential for a codified, nationwide framework to build on top of. One of the biggest challenges facing medical app developers is the lack of data availability. Even when digital records are kept, they’re frequently trapped in various incompatible databases. (In fact, the software used in hospitals is so complicated that freelance technologists build their careers around consulting and teaching workers to use it.) MedTech app developers who can build solutions in and around existing systems stand to revolutionize the inner workings of hospitals and clinics in the near future.

Long story short: incremental advances in healthcare policy like the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act won’t make national headlines. However, they represent the beginning of a new era where healthcare and tech can work together to bring better solutions to patients. San Francisco iPhone app developers are feeling a sea change in the market for MedTech solutions.

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