Department Of Defense Approves IOS6

May 17, 2013 - 1 minute read

Military Apple


report earlier this month indicated that the U.S Department of Defense was preparing to approve Apple devices running IOS6 for us on military networks. It’s now been confirmed that the department has issued official authorization for IOS6 allowing Apple products to be used more freely on their networks. The reported stated that out of more than 600,000 mobile devices used by the Defense Department only about 41,000 of those appear to be Apple products. Currently Blackberry has around 75% of military device market share however Android and Apple are now set to erode that number. Samsung Android phones using Knox, a secure function which is available on the Galaxy S4 are also set to eat into Blackberry’s military dominance.

Recent reports also suggest the Air Force has switched it user flight manuals to iPads saving millions of dollars in the process. IOS6 had a host of new security feature including fixing 107 security vulnerability and adding more granular privacy controls.

As iPhone app developer we’re glad to see the DOD open up its networks to Apple devices and hope they create innovate apps to save lives as well as take them.  Mobile app developers in Los Angeles will be hoping to pick up some military contracts as see their apps contributing to the nations security.

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