Developers Have Been Paid $9 Billion through Apple Apple Store

April 24, 2013 - 1 minute read

apple app storeDuring Apple’s most recent earnings call with stockholders the company announced that they have so far paid developers more than $9 billion in revenue sharing. If you include Apple’s hefty 30% cut of all developer sales, the App Store has earned $12.8 billion in revenue since its inception. The App Store has earned the company $3.8 billion in total.

According to a news report by Inside Mobile Apps, “Apple also shared that $4.5 billion of that amount was gained in the last four quarters alone.┬áThis means that Apple now pays developers over 1 billion per quarter.”

The Apple App Store has been wildly successful and continues to grow exponentially as Apple has expanded the App Store to 155 countries. 850,000 iOS apps are now available in the App Store with 50,000 apps added since January alone. An estimated 800 apps are downloaded every second with a mind blowing 45 billion apps downloaded in the past 3 months.

As an iPhone app developer in San Diego its amazing to see the growth and change in the mobile app ecosystem. Never in human history has technology moved at such a fast and fluid pace, and its only going to get faster as mobile app developers continue to deploy innovative new software technologies.

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