Dogtown Campaigns for Tech Policy Progress at AppCon16

April 20, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Dogtown Media CEO Marc Fischer had the honor of joining over 50 mobile industry leaders and app developers from around the US at AppCon16 on Capital Hill, organized by ACT | The App Association. During the three-day conference last April, Fischer met with senators and policymakers to build bridges between tech and government. The event was a highlight in Dogtown’s ongoing work to promote EdTech and GovTech.

In addition to meeting with Senator Rob Portman and Trade Ambassador Michael Froman to discuss encryption and communications issues, Fischer joined forces with mobile app developers from around the US to coordinate ongoing campaigns in support of computer science and STEM education.

Studies are increasingly proving that tech has a positive impact on local economies and job growth — and politicians are beginning to take notice. A 2014 study from the LAEDC Institute for Applied Economics found that “The economic contribution of high tech in LA in 2013 included $58.7 billion in labor income, and $108.3 billion to regional GDP.” In short, Los Angeles mobile app developers are an integral part of LA’s rapid growth. Other cities that embrace tech stand to see similar economic gains.

Decisions made on capital hill have a huge effect on the roll tech plays, and will continue to play, in the US economy. Government initiatives like 18F are signaling that US politicians are listening and willing to adapt to a more connected, mobile world. Yet change, as always, has been slow.

“Mobile tech is the industrial revolution of the 21st century,” concluded Fischer in a statement to the press. “Apps have transformed our relationship with the world around us in unprecedented ways. Tech is the economic driver of the US economy, creating millions of new jobs during this period of slow GDP growth. Instead of fighting against Government regulators, we intend to build bridges between tech companies and elected officials.”

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