Dogtown Media Explores Uruguay’s Exciting Mobile Tech Ecosystem

March 3, 2017 - 1 minute read

Uruguay is one of a handful of countries around the world that have made a national priority of pursuing the prosperity mobile tech makes possible. With the fastest broadband speeds in Latin America, a well-educated tech workforce, and incredible tax and support benefits for partner companies, it’s an exciting place for mobile app developers.

Dogtown founder Marc Fischer has been exploring the community and creating beneficial partnerships for the company the past week, including a visit with the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies. While the group has been active since 1989, the explosion of mobile tech in the past five years has driven huge growth for the local economy, allowing the group to expand rapidly.

With over 350 member companies, it’ll be exciting to see how this economy evolves in coming years. Mobile app development creates huge opportunities for governments and communities that structure themselves to benefit — as exemplified by US cities like Chatanooga that build infrastructure to attract NYC app developers south, or countries like Estonia, that build incentives for outside tech communities to partner with them. The only question is, why aren’t we funding more projects like this within the US? If our conversations with the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies have shown anything, it’s that the opportunities are huge.

We’re excited to get involved with this exciting market and continue building a better future through cutting-edge mobile products.

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