Dogtown Media Joins the Cybersecurity Tech Accord

June 11, 2019 - 4 minutes read

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We’re excited and honored to announce that Dogtown Media is one of 14 new members to join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord!

The Cybersecurity Tech Accord’s Objectives

Along with 90 other tech leaders like Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco, each member is committed to improving the security, stability, and resilience of cyberspace through the following rules:

  1. Each signatory must give their customers, users, and developers the necessary information and tools to help them understand current and future cybersecurity threats as well as how to protect themselves.
  2. Secondly, each signatory must prioritize cybersecurity by designing and building products that put privacy, security, integrity, and reliability above everything else. This will help reduce cybersecurity attack likelihood, frequency, severity, and exploitability for customers and users everywhere.
  3. Signatories will work with each other to improve best practices. By collaborating closely, we should be able to reduce the number of overall threats by increasing our technical partnerships, coordinated reports, and threat sharing.
  4. Lastly, every signatory shall oppose any efforts to attack citizens and enterprises by building in exploitation protections from concept to distribution.

mobile app development

In our bustling Los Angeles-based design and development studio, we’ve always taken a prioritized approach to cybersecurity. We’re incredibly lucky to have Rob Pope as our Chief Technology Officer; he’s an ethical hacker turned mobile developer, and we’ve used his expertise since the beginning of Dogtown Media to inform our mobile app development process from start to finish.

With all of this being said, joining the Cybersecurity Tech Accord was a logical next step. We can’t wait to collaborate with the other 103 signatories in making cyberspace a safer place! Besides its objectives, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord’s values will also be instrumental in helping with this endeavor.

The Cybersecurity Tech Accord’s Values

All companies in the Cybersecurity Tech Accord must hold the following values closely:

  1. Strong defense: Every consumer deserves equal protection online. It doesn’t matter whether they’re technically-inclined, where in the world they’re located, or what they believe.
  2. No offense: We can not purposefully undermine the security of the Internet, and we should protect against cybersecurity attack efforts on our own products and services.
  3. Capacity building: Cybersecurity isn’t a one-company job; it’s everyone’s responsibility. And we must improve consumers’ ability to securely and safely browse online as well as improve the diversity of cybersecurity experts.
  4. Collective response: We will achieve better results if we work with others in the group.

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Whether or not cybersecurity is important to you, it’s a growing issue that impacts every Internet user and consumer in the world. With these values in place, we can do a lot to decrease the risk of the most common and newest attacks known.

Moving Forward Together With You

The Cybersecurity Tech Accord has many initiatives planned for 2019, and we’ve joined at the perfect time to jump into collaboration and knowledge sharing with the other 103 companies.

We’re looking forward to participating in these endeavors, as well as delivering the latest news to you about cybersecurity updates in mobile app development as we hear about them.

We’re extremely excited for what the future holds. And we’re even more elated to play a part in making it safer for everybody around the world!

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