Facebook Algorithm Change Is Opportunity for Digital Brands

August 11, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Facebook recently made another major update to their News Feed algorithm, penalizing news sources responsible for headlines like “You’ll Never Look At Your Friends The Same… Once You’ve Searched This Site!”

For many brands on Facebook, updates to the algorithm spell disaster. Impressions on existing page fans are at an all-time low, and Facebook is clearly moving to monetize the platform as aggressively as possible without purging users. For casual users, however, it’s a good thing — clickbait distracts users from what they actually signed up for, which is news and updates about friends and family.

The update is actually an opportunity, however, for iPhone app development company pages and techies using the platform to connect with their audiences. Less trash content means more opportunities to surface quality content, something which has long been lacking on feed-based content platforms. Facebook will now be using three key metrics to judge what’s worth showing users:

  • Bounce-back rate
  • Misleading title keywords
  • Engagement

The result: quality of writing will actually matter, and brands who create authentic, non-misleading content will be rewarded with higher rankings. This is a huge relief for app developers, as the sea of lowest-common-denominator content has poisoned user perception of third-party posts on the platform. Chicago iPhone app developers who tailor their startup’s content to pass the new guidelines will still face slim engagement without paid promotions, but the likelihood of gaining and maintaining fans will be much higher. For legitimate app developers on Facebook, that represents a win-win arrangement.

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