Fintech App Developers at Rubicoin Set Sights on US Market

January 19, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Fintech offerings from Dublin and London mobile app developers have had overall low impact on the US market. Regardless, a new app offering from Irish fintech group Rubicoin is set to change that trend in 2016. Like many successful fintech app developers, Rubicoin’s differentiation with the US launch of Invest by Rubicoin is in democratizing financial services and investments for the average mobile app user.

Analysts and tech journalists have good reason to believe that Rubicoin could break into the US market with their latest fintech app based on the success of previous fintech apps developed by the company. Products like Learn by Rubicoin found a wide user base providing educational services to users interested in learning about the market in-depth before making their own trades and investments. Invest by Rubicoin is in some ways a logical continuation of that trend, democratizing the investment process by allowing users to make smaller more protected investments in a pre-selected portfolio.

Invest by Rubicoin works by democratizing and simplifying the stock-buying process — allowing users to“invest in great companies from your smartphone,” as promised on their landing page. Stocks available on through the app are pre-selected based on long-term stability. The minimum investment is a single share, making the interface friendly and low-risk for new investors looking for gradual, dependable stock picks.

Said CEO Emmet Savage in a statement to Silicon Republic, “Just buying one share in a company you love sets a lifelong pattern that can turn into a secure future. In 2016, we will add the ability for non-US citizens to open a US brokerage account and start investing using our app.”

According to company statements the fintech app developers at Rubicoin hope to open investments to non-US users in the near future; a move that could drive rapid growth for the young fintech app. It is currently available for iOS in the Apple App Store.

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