Goodfirms Interviews Dogtown CEO about Mobile App Development Strategy

March 28, 2019 - 4 minutes read

Marc Fischer Interview  

Marc Fischer, CEO and Co-founder of Dogtown Media, a mobile technology leader since 2011, was interviewed by B2B research and reviews agency GoodFirms. The firm has partnered with VC-backed startups, Google, Harvard Medical school and the United Nations with an aim to create purpose-driven digital products. The purpose behind founding the enterprise was to be a part of the technological revolution and drive innovation for companies across the globe.

Since the introduction of the app store in 2008, Marc says he and his co-founder Rob Pope, on a trip to San Fransisco decided to join forces and apply their tech-savvy nature to become mobile app developers. From that single idea, today Dogtown Media has created over 200 mobile apps that have captured the attention of millions of users, as well as being featured on international TV programs.

Marc, commenting on his team, says that it is an in-house cross-functional team of well-experienced designers developers and software engineers. When determining the timeframe of an app from discovery to launch, Marc says that many factors come into play, most notably the complexity of the app project in question.

They take that information provided by the client, alongside in-house research, to create certain phase deadlines for the project. All these mindful strategies adopted by the firm ranks it as one of the top app development companies globally.

Here is the research scorecard conducted by GoodFirms for Mobile App Development services by Dogtown Media.

Mobile App Development

In addition to the development of apps, team is extremely experienced in UX/UI design. The innovative mindsets of their designers have created apps that are engaging and are centered on user experiences that delight all stakeholders. The apps they have created are able to scale from one to a million users, with no drop off in performance and experience for the end user.

With respect to price, Marc mentions that their price range is contingent upon the length and involvement of the projects. He even mentions that price is secondary to Dogtown Media and deployment of the creative technology is their foremost priority. All such aspects has meant that the researchers at GoodFirms have ranked Dogtown Media among the top mobile app design companies globally.

Moreover, Marc also mentions the parameters their firm looks at when they select an appropriate platform for mobile app development. Reviewing GoodFirms, he said that GoodFirms has really helped them reach enterprises of a high caliber that are seeking app development services. You can read the full Interview here to know what Marc shares in his own words.

About GoodFirms

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