Google Announces the Arrival of Prescription-Lens Google Glasses

February 13, 2014 - 2 minutes read

google glass lenses

One of the major limitations of the Google Glass — a limitation Google promised to eliminate when they first introduced the wearable technology — is that it wasn’t compatible with prescription eyeglasses. Google recently made good on their promise, introducing frames for Google Glasses that work with prescription lenses.

Google is set to launch several sets of Google Glass frames that can house prescription lenses. The frames are expected to be available when the Google Glass itself gets its all-out launch later this year. Prices are at $225 per pair, which is comparable to what you would expect to pay for designer frames at a retail optician.

Four different frame styles are available in eight different colors. Made from titanium, the frames are lightweight and were developed internally by Google, contrary to rumors that the Internet giant had struck a partnership with Warby Parker. Reviews have been generally positive, though critics did latch onto a few limitations:

  • A screwdriver is needed to remove the Google Glass from the frames
  • Sunglass frames cannot be placed directly over top of prescription Google Glass lenses
  • Wearers of transition lenses may need a separate pair of prescription sunglasses for driving

The Google Glass itself also has a suboptimal battery life, something Google will likely dedicate significant resources to fixing should the wearable prove to be as big a success as many industry insiders predict.

Google Glass app development is expected to explode if the wearable gains a foothold with consumers. The adaptability of the technology to prescription lenses only broadens the base of potential users, creating expanded opportunities for software developers.

If you’re a mobile app developer in NYC, keep a close eye on the Google Glass. Even if the product fails to meet expectations, its release will provide important insights into the wearable technology market.

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