Google Debuts API for Image Recognition Tech

December 21, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Google recently launched a limited preview for Cloud Vision, an API (application programming interface) for their in-house image recognition tech. The debut opens up huge opportunities for mobile app developers eager to introduce sophisticated image recognition to native apps — particularly for Internet of Things app developers, where real-world interactions are so critical.

While the service is similar in some ways to Google’s preexisting Prediction API, the new Cloud Vision API opens up the possibilities for app developers frustrated the limited capability of the older technology. From optical character recognition to identifying a user’s face as a security measure, the applications for Cloud Vision in web and mobile apps are endless.

Mobile app news sources have been quick to point out that the move positions Google as an alternative to the image-recognition tech currently available to Houston iPhone app development companies through Amazon Web Services. Google’s aggressive research in the realms of robotics and machine learning promise to give them a significant edge in a standoff between the two web service giants. While many app developers may prefer to stick with a smaller startup for their image recognition tech, a big player like Google pushing development into image recognition technology promises to drive innovation at a faster rate, benefiting the app development community as a whole.

So while app developers have no shortage of options when it comes to image recognition specifically, having a wide range of sophisticated APIs available through the cloud under one provider adds a lot of convenience and firepower to the developer toolkit. (And for those interested in finding out more about the open source options when it comes to deep learning, GitHub is full of fascinating projects like Caffe, Theano, and Torch (a Facebook initiative).

App developers interested in trying out the API are requested to provide information about who they are and their use case for the Cloud Vision API. Development teams are admitted to the limited preview on a case-by-case basis.

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