Google Creates New Privacy and Security App

June 10, 2015 - 2 minutes read

On June 1, 2015, Google rolled out its new “My Account” service, a privacy and security app that provides a unified platform where users can manage account information. Through the service, users are able to view and change passwords, update account access settings, and check over their current security settings and account activity. Google also launched a new website, which is designed to provide easy, clear answers to questions about the company’s data privacy and security policies.

Additional “My Account” features enable users to quickly and easily edit their personal information, including their display names, email addresses, account and location histories, and Google account links to outside apps and websites. The My Account system also lets individuals access the Ads Settings tool, giving users more control over what type of ads they are shown.

While the move is being applauded in some circles, it is being met with hesitation in others. Digital security experts note that while it is convenient for users to be able to access all this information through a single platform, the centralization of sensitive personal and security settings also makes things easier for hackers and other cyber criminals.

Jon Rudolph, the lead software engineer at Core Security, spoke to this when he said, “Centralizing and simplifying security and privacy for the user makes everything easier — legislation, management, monetization — maybe even attacks.” With data security and user privacy emerging as hot-button topics in current mobile and iPhone app development initiatives, it is important for software professionals to account for these issues when designing and developing products.

Professionals engaged with mobile app development in Dallas and around the country also need to balance user needs with a universal truth about digital security: the end user is always the weakest link in the safety equation. Taking user tendencies and behaviors into account may help developers create apps with superior security — something that will likely attract more and more customers as the online world continues its unprecedented expansion.

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