Google Launches Android Studio 1.0 IDE for Developers

December 17, 2014 - 2 minutes read

Android Studio

Google finally launched its long-awaited Android Studio 1.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) platform. The move marks the first time Google has made a stable version of its Android development support platform available to independent developers. It is available for download from Google’s official Android Developer website, and is compatible with the Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

The Android Studio platform was first officially announced in May, 2013. Google framed the original announcement with a straightforward endorsement that the upcoming platform would be “the” official IDE for Android developers. Intended to replace the incumbent Eclipse IDE platform, Google also pledged that Android Studio would be “faster and more productive.” As part of the official release, Google has also provided developers with a comprehensive list of steps to follow in migrating from Eclipse to Android Studio.

Android Studio 1.0 offers a range of new features for Android app developers, including:

  • The First Run Setup Wizard. This new feature, which was inexplicably absent from earlier builds, offers a comprehensive set of support features for starting fresh projects.
  • An import wizard. The import wizard offers users the ability to import existing Google codes or create new project templates.
  • Intelligent code editing. Refactoring, code analysis and advanced code completion capabilities are supported in Android Studio 1.0.
  • String translation management. The easy extraction and analysis of hard-coded strings in existing projects can be managed across multiple app development projects.
  • Layout previews. Previews and edits can be conducted across several different screen sizes, API versions and programming languages.
  • Performance analysis tools. This tool tracks app memory usage, allowing users to identify areas for performance improvement.
  • Cloud modules. Google Cloud messaging, Endpoints and Google Cloud Backends are all supported by dedicated cloud modules.

Mobile app developers in San Francisco and around the world are expected to embrace the new platform in large numbers, as the new IDE allows software professionals to update existing apps and create new ones in a stabilized environment. Google also confirmed that it will be releasing new features for Android Studio 1.0, which will be available through the same channels as new updates for the company’s signature Web browser, Google Chrome.

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