Google Maps App for iOS and Android Get Monster Upgrade

July 18, 2013 - 2 minutes read

google maps upgradeGoogle is proving once again why they are arguably the most innovative company on the planet. With the recent release of Google Maps 2.0 for iOS and Android, users can now leverage a slew of new valuable features.

App users can now view live traffic conditions on the road and get alerts about traffic accidents. Motorists can plan their journeys on the go to be more efficient by avoiding congestion zones and choosing the fastest path to their destination.

One of the coolest features to be announced was the inclusion of indoor directions within the app. Google is effectively taking street view to the next level, enabling users to virtually navigate inside major public structures like shopping malls and airports. An extra level of destination

According to an article by the Telegraph newspaper, “The Explore function is one of the new additions, an extra-swipeable interface enabling users to “browse and discover new places without typing”, locating new places to sleep, eat, drink and shop.. Zagat, a reviews service bought by Google and displaying expert opinion and badges of excellence, is now integrated into search results, alongside a five-star rating system displaying your friends’ and others’ reviews of nearby bars, cafes and restaurants.”

As an iPad app developer its admirable how much Google has excelled in the mobile mapping space. No other mapping service comes close to the level of functionality and speed that Google is able to deliver. Real time data is difficult to manage yet Google Maps has found a way to unlock a great deal of value and by adding new layers of location discoverable to the platform.

Members of the NYC iPhone app developer community often choose to utilize mapping technology provided by Google Maps’ API over alternatives like Open Maps due to the sheer power of the platform. With this update Google Maps has once again solidified their place as best in breed for mapping technology.

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