Hacker Claims Remote Hijack Of Airplanes Using Android App

April 11, 2013 - 1 minute read

HACK IN A BOX 2013A security consultant who is also a trained commercial pilot has developed an Android app that he claims can take over flight management systems. The hack was demoed at the “Hack In The Box” conference in Amsterdam.

Hugo Teso showed how the app called PlaneSploit can locate targets on the ground by infiltrating radio broadcasts between aircraft and air traffic control. The system then sends malicious messages to the plane from a second control system.

Teso blogged about more of the technicalities around the hack where he talks about ADS-B and ACARS security. These two protocols are used for plane positioning and command. His knowledge of these systems presumably the central focus of the hack. The software is proof-of-concept and designed to work in a closed virtual environment and is unlikely it’ll be in Google Play any time soon!

Ethical hacking is a booming industry, where talented programmers provide a plethora of data on security vulnerabilities for the benefit of companies and privacy advocates. We’ve encountered many ethical hackers. This new breed of hacker turned developer are adapting their coding skills to become ace mobile app developers that can not only build powerful apps but also know how to diligently secure their software applications. DogTown media is an iPhone app developer in San Diego also with experience in creating Android apps, however it’s unlikely we’ll be diverting any planes from an app anytime soon.




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