How Remote Monitoring Is Saving Lives

February 12, 2019 - 1 minute read

3 out of 5 Americans deal with at least one chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, or autoimmune disorders. Normally, patients with chronic diseases need to visit a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility multiple times a month.

Doing so becomes complex when you take one other factor into account: 20% of Americans live in rural areas. So, for 60 million Americans, taking a trip to a medical facility is an arduous inconvenience. But this issue is far too big to ignore.

Enter the Internet of ThingsĀ (IoT).

IoT development is revolutionizing healthcare through connected devices and remote monitoring. It’s allowing patients to check in with their doctors from anywhere in the world. And the results have been astoundingā€”one study even found that remote patient monitoring reduced all-cause mortalities by 20%.

Let’s take a look at how remote monitoring is helping us live healthier lives.

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