How to Turn Your Beta Users into Brand Evangelists

April 25, 2016 - 3 minutes read

mobile app beta users

It helps to have user data when developing a high-quality mobile app, and one of the best ways to get that data is by launching a beta version to a small, understanding group of initial users. Whether the beta users are friends, associates, or simply interested consumers, beta launches provide iPhone app developers the perfect environment to experiment with core features without the risk of negative reviews and confused users.

Beyond simply fine-tuning the product, however, beta phases also provide everything a startup needs to build a core evangelist user group. Unfortunately, not all startups take advantage of this — which is too bad, because many app categories such as social platforms and on-demand services rely heavily on a core active user base and rapid social traction in order to be successful.

Here are a few tips for how to give your beta users the best experience possible and turn them into evangelists who will carry your mobile app forward through the public launch.

1. Value customer service above all else

It is unfortunately common for startups to forget that, at the core, they are a business just like any other. Regardless of innovative tech and intuitive UX, users are still customers, and the fastest way to their hearts is through attentive, friendly customer service. Ideally, some of that friendliness is hardwired into your app — but it’s important to have a human element as well, especially when fiddling with the feature set.

2. Listen, learn, and let go of the ego

Everyone loves the sound of their own voice, and that’s a good thing for Dallas iPhone app developers since a user’s opinion is worth its weight in gold. Collecting passive data is essential, but some of the best ideas for how to improve your product are likely to come directly from your users. Always be willing to talk to them, ask what they think, and then transform those ideas into a mobile app that they’ll love.

3. Include beta users in your brand story

Even in today’s app-saturated marketplace, being among the first users on a mobile platform has a certain glamour that everyone enjoys. For social platforms, part of that is getting a unique handle and early traction as a content producer. For more utilitarian apps, it comes from using the app for a personal advantage before your peers know about it.

In both cases, it’s important that beta users have a clear picture of your brand, and that they feel included in the story. It worked for Twitter, it worked for Facebook, and it can work for any mobile app developer who puts in the time and heart to connect with their core users.

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