IBM and Apple Team Up to Release New Enterprise Apps

May 18, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Last summer, IBM announced its new MobileFirst for iOS program, marking the launch of a watershed partnership between IBM and Apple. In early April, eight new MobileFirst apps were released, with the new software products displaying a strong focus on enterprise. Four of the apps were designed for use in the healthcare industry, with the other four offering a range of services for airlines and production-based industrial businesses.

The new MobileFirst for iOS healthcare app development products include:

  • Home RN. This app allows healthcare professionals working outside institutional settings to access patient records and create notifications that facilitate better, more attentive care.
  • Hospital Tech. The Hospital Tech app supports easier, more effective collaboration and communication between nursing technicians and in-house care providers.
  • Hospital Lead. Aimed at nurse managers, the Hospital Lead app allows for comprehensive reporting while helping management teams track nursing assignments.
  • Hospital RN. This forward-thinking app uses Apple’s proprietary iBeacon location technology to identify patients while allowing authorized staff members to access a patient’s medical file from any Internet-connected hotspot in the facility.

The other four enterprise apps are comprised of:

  • Rapid Handover. Designed for the iPad, Rapid Handover allows production supervisors to collect, document and distribute statistical and safety information for use by incoming shift members.
  • Risk Inspect. This app leverages the power of digital imaging and video to improve quality control measures in production facilities.
  • Order Commit. The Order Commit app helps retailers keep better track of customer order histories and leverage statistical insights to drive sales.
  • Ancillary Sales. Aimed at flight attendants, the Ancillary Sales product offers improved, convenient point-of-sale features that allow airline staff to manage seat upgrades and in-flight product sales more efficiently.

Denver mobile app development professionals and software developers around the country will want to note that these products are much more mobile-friendly than traditional enterprise apps. Simplicity, ease of use and straightforward deployment were prioritized, giving businesses the ability to customize features and functions. Will this mark the beginning of a new trend in the world of mobile enterprise software?

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