Idea vs Execution: Why Ideas Are Valuable but Action Is Gold

May 12, 2016 - 3 minutes read

iPhone app developer ideas

Have a great iPhone app idea? Good — that’s the starting point of every successful startup in every mobile app development company, including big names like Snapchat and Instagram.

Unfortunately, iPhone app ideas are only worth as much as the founder is willing to commit to make them a reality. Even if you’ve successfully developed apps before, the business world is full of nay-sayers who will tell you that your idea is worthless. (Especially if you’re a non-technical founder.)

The secret to triumphing over negativity isn’t just to ignore them, however — the secret is to treat negative input as a challenge, and work harder than anyone else to bring your iPhone app to the top of the charts.

Technical vs non-technical founders

Inconvenient though it may be, technical founders and coders often have good reason to be suspect of non-technical founders (particularly those who’ve never worked with a startup before). The high-stakes high-rewards startup industry attracts its fair share of interest from potential entrepreneurs with more interest in money than helping people, or who simply don’t have the work ethic required to survive the startup grind.

So how can non-technical iPhone app developers differentiate themselves from the wannabes? The answer is pure business: rather than selling an idea, sell the thing that makes you unique as an asset.

Find your unique strength, and leverage it

If you’re starting a scouting app, ten years of experience in the scouts and strong ties among potential customers is worth at least as much as coding skills. If you’re starting a photography app, camera skills and a photography degree will prove invaluable to the team.

The pattern here is that you’re identifying what gives you specifically an unfair advantage over other entrepreneurs with similar iPhone app ideas. Even if the idea is completely new, chances are someone else will be competing with you almost immediately. If you have a special qualification that gives your team a competitive advantage, that will look attractive to a technically-skilled potential co-founder or contracted iPhone app developer. If you’re moving quickly enough, the fear of idea theft becomes a non-issue.

Don’t give up the app dream

Starting an app is a gamble, even for experienced Boston iPhone app developers. The reward if you succeed, however, isn’t just financial — the best apps change the world for the better and enable users to be their best selves. So, if you have a special skill or experience that makes you qualified to beat the competition in your app’s niche, there’s no reason you shouldn’t reach out and try to make it happen.

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