iOS 7 Beta Undergoes 3rd Major Upgrade

July 8, 2013 - 1 minute read

ios 7 beta

Apple continues to roll out an impressive laundry list of features and upgrades for their flagship operating system iOS 7. Only two weeks after their last major update, Apple released the 3rd iteration of iOS 7 beta and chances are that the tech giant will release another update two weeks out from now.

According to news site CNET, “It’s standard practice for Apple to release several beta versions of the software before it debuts it to the public. Apple has said iOS 7 will come to the public in the fall. iOS 6 had four different beta versions between its June debut and late September release last year, so we can expect at least one more beta to arrive for iOS 7.”

The most noticeable changes to the iOS 7 release are to the UI design. There were also several changes that improved the operation speed and stability of default apps like Siri, AirDrop, and AirPlay.

As an iPhone app developer in San Diego it is apparent that iOS 7 beta still has a ways to go before being ready for prime-time. The company is doing their best to fix the long list of bugs and errors coming to their team’s attention daily. iOS 7 is currently only available for use if you’re an active iPhone or iPad app developer but the highly anticipated software will be made available for public download in the fall.

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