iOS Apps Earning Nearly 5 Times More Than Android

May 31, 2013 - 1 minute read

google play vs itunes

Mobile app developers continue to choose the iOS platform over Android. Google may be wondering why so many developers flock to create software for the iTunes App Store over Google Play. The main reason is blatantly obvious. Developers follow the money.

Apple’s dominance over the mobile app ecosystem may be waning slightly, yet applications launched on iOS are raking in almost 5 times as much money as those deployed on the Android platform. According to mobile app analytics firm Distimo, “The top 200 grossing applications in the iOS App Store in April earned $5.1 million in revenue per day. Nearly times higher than the $1.1 million per day earned by the top 200 grossing applications on Android’s Google Play marketplace.”

The news isn’t all bad for Google. Several insustry reports show the Android marketplace gaining ground on Apple and breaking down the tech giant’s hegemony. Android’s power comes from its immense market-share. The assortment of devices command 75% of the global smartphone market vs the Apple iPhone’s 20%. In fact several major app publishers are reporting that in some western European countries Android app revenues are outpacing iOS income.

As an iPad app developer its more and more apparent that the Android platform is gaining traction and shouldn’t be ignored any longer. Many members of the San Diego iPhone app developer community are using cross platform solutions like PhoneGap in order to deploy apps across iOS and Android simultaneously.

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