IOS Still More Popular With Business Users Than Android

April 3, 2013 - 1 minute read

Citrix ReportAccording to a report by Citrix the IOS platform continues to be the preferred mobile platform in the business world.

Studying business customers who uses it’s cloud-based management software Citrix found that iOS was No. 1 with 58 percent adoption in the 2012 fourth quarter. Android took second place with a 35% share followed by Windows with 7%. This is particularly interesting as we recently reported that overall Android seems to be making gains with Windows 8 Mobile also leaping in popularity.

IOS made a 2% gain from the previous quarter and was the most popular platform among businesses that deal with customers one-on-one such as retail stores, restaurants and hotels. The biggest adopters of iOS proved to be energy companies, legal firms, and insurance agencies.

Companies are still worried about users wasting time on with leisure apps. The top prohibited apps included Angry Birds, Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube, and Skype.

The app marketplace is growing at an exponential pace with over 800 new iPhone app submitted everyday. iPhone app developers are still deploying leisure apps at a brisk pace, however many mobile development teams have realized that building apps for businesses is a more dependable avenue for work flow. Dogtown Media is a leading mobile app developer in Los Angeles and provider of leisure and business apps to dozens of companies countrywide.

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