iPad Easily Beating Android in the Tablet Wars

April 22, 2013 - 2 minutes read

iPad vs Android

Chikita, a mobile advertising network just released a research report on tablet devices that confirms what most experts already expected. The iPad is wiping the floor with Android devices in the race to control the tablet market. Since December 2012 the share of time spent browsing the web via an iPad device has risen to 81.9% with Android tablet devices lagging far behind. The research report predicts that sales of tablet devices will continue to grow at an exponential pace as consumers ditch their desktop computers in favor of mobile devices that can easily come with them on the go.

Industry experts also believe Apple will received a bump in iPad sales this quarter by offering refurbished iPad’s as a new sales channel. Discounted iPads appeal to a younger and poorer demographic that want to buy an Apple tablet but may not be able to afford one. This system has proven useful in the past as Apple has reaped immense rewards for refurbished laptop product sales over the past few years.

As a iPad app developer in Los Angeles, iOS clearly remains the platform of choice for tablet app development. The main detriment to developing apps for Android devices is the ever present fragmentation issue. There are thousands of different Android devices and software systems that developers struggle to optimize their apps for. Even though Android has a significantly larger user base than Apple, iPad and iPhone app developers overwhelmingly prefer creating apps for the iOS platform due to the availability of technical resources and financial incentives presented by the iTunes marketplace.

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