iPhone 5S Likely to Have Slow Motion Camera

July 11, 2013 - 1 minute read

slo-mo camera iphone 5S

The Apple rumor mill is swirling with new predictions about the next iPhone device to be released. According to an industry insiders reporting for 9 to 5 Mac, “Hidden references inside of the latest iOS 7 betas that indicate Apple is designing a new iPhone camera mode called “Mogul,” which would allow for the capture of video at a superfast and precise rate — 120 frames per second — although the resolution of such a recording is still unknown”

A slow-mo camera may sound cool, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 has had a slow-mo camera built in since being released months ago. Looks more like Apple is playing catch-up with Samsung at this point but may be trying to leap frog them in the camera technology arena.

As an iPhone app developer in San Francisco the bigger news here is that the timing of the iOS 7 software release may coincide with the launch of the iPhone 5S. The launch of a new iOS device is sure to excite the iPhone app developer community as there will doubtless be a slew of impressive hardware enhancements over earlier devices. Only time will tell what Apple’s engineers have up their sleeve.

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