#KnowYourLemons, It Could Save Your Life…

September 29, 2017 - 3 minutes read

In 2015, 570,000 women died from breast cancer. That’s a lot of mothers absent from school plays, grandmothers no longer kissing cheeks, and wives missing date nights. It’s heartbreaking and in some cases completely avoidable if only breast cancer symptoms were better understood. So we stepped up to help.

Worldwide Breast Cancer, designers of the famous Know Your Lemons breast education campaign, approached us to help them change the future of breast cancer by developing their Know Your Lemons mobile app, and we couldn’t be more honored!

In doing some preliminary research, we were astounded to discover that only 2% of women, can recognize the signs of breast cancer, and 42% of women lack the confidence to spot a change indicative of breast cancer (there’s more to it than just looking for lumps).

Want to help boost those numbers and potentially save some lives in the process? Donate $5 to the Know Your Lemons Kickstarter campaign and you’ll be doing just that.

The Know Your Lemons app will make it easy for women all over the world (approximately 2.2 BILLION in fact) to educate themselves on self-exams, steps for detection, and reporting symptoms — all in one app.

And here’s where things get fun; Corrine Beaumont, the founder of Worldwide Breast Cancer, came up with the brilliant idea of using iconic figures like Mona Lisa and Napoleon Bonaparte to help guide you through a self-breast exam (did you know there are good and bad lumps?).

It’s an ambitious app (they ARE trying to change the WORLD, after all) and these lemons need your support! A great place to invest the price of your caramel macchiato is on Worldwide Breast Cancer’s Kickstarter campaign where (at the time of writing this post) they’ve only reached about 30% of their all-or-nothing goal.

Think about it; would it really hurt you to take just one day off from your coffee addiction and forego the 250 calories you’ll regret later in order to help save some precious lemons? We think not…and if you’re in need of a laugh after our tearjerker of a post, make sure to check out their not so serious videos on their YouTube page.

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