MedBox Medication Reminder and Rx Tracker

July 29, 2015 - 2 minutes read

MedBox iPhone & Apple Watch App

Mobile Technology to Reduce Emergency Room Visits and Fatalities Caused by Medication Misuse and Forgetfulness

medbox medication listapp store downloadMedBox caters to the 70% of Americans taking prescription medication on a daily basis. As only 50% of patients correctly follow their medication regimen (, the mobile health app makes it easy for patients to remember to take medicine as directed. Push notification reminders are automatically sent to a patient’s iPhone or Apple Watch, prompting them take their medication at the right time each and every day.

“Our goal is to reduce the frightening regularity of emergency room visits and cut ballooning healthcare costs through smart mobile technology,” said, MedBox creator, Marc Fischer.

MedBox was designed with patients and caregivers in mind. Medical care features include:

  • – Create medicine calendar schedules and easily set reminders
  • – Control frequency, dosage, time and date schedules
  • – Receive automated push notification reminders for iPhone and Apple Watch
  • – Add unlimited Rx medications and dosage reminders
  • – Capture photos of each pill or medication for easy reference

medbox apple watch appAccording to the National Institute of Health, $300 billion in medical expenses occur every year due from patients experiencing complications as a result of failing to comply with their medicine-schedule. MedBox seeks to provide enhanced healthcare services while simultaneously reducing the financial burden for families, medical insurers, and healthcare providers.

MedBox is an mHealth solution created by the mobile app development firm Dogtown Media. The app is freely available for download for both the iPhone and Apple Watch via the iTunes App Store.

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