Mobile Web Access Speeds Increased By 30% Over Last Year Says Google

April 16, 2013 - 1 minute read

Mobile browsing got significantly faster over the year says a new report from Google. The report shows the average page load times on mobile are now comparable to desktop times.

Mobile web pages are now loading about 30 percent faster than a year ago but with desktops Google only found some very minor speed-ups.

The statistics are based on data from Google Analytics Site Speed reports which is a widely used platform so should be representative of the Internet in general.

Google attributes this speed improvement to “core infrastructure that powers the Internet; the web browsers have gotten faster; there have been quite a few LTE/4G deployments making mobile networks a lot faster; and processing power on mobile devices continues to increase at a rapid pace.”

The study also has geographical data which found that users in Japan tend to see the fastest page load times, followed by Sweden, Poland and the United States.

As a mobile app developer in Los Angeles this is great news for us and our customers. The mobile app developer community love to develop fast and slick apps and as Internet connection speeds grow this can only help us push the limits of mobile technology.

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