New Version of iOS to Allow App Downloads without Entering Password

March 25, 2015 - 2 minutes read

ios 8 password free downloads

In response to a growing need among mobile app developers to bring free apps to a broader base of users, Apple recently announced that its upcoming mobile operating system, iOS 8.3, will offer a new feature. The new functionality allows users to downloads apps without entering a password, enabling them to simply tap the “Get” button to install qualifying software.

While the change won’t have a major impact for users, its ramifications for iPhone app developers in Dallas¬†and around the world could be very significant. Market research shows that only about 7 percent of smartphone users are responsible for approximately 50 percent of all app download activity on a monthly basis. This leaves a very large relatively inactive user base, which is generally content to use their mobile devices without a lot of add-ons. These users tend to install new software only once it has become very popular, and the hope is that iOS 8.3’s new feature will help more free apps achieve greater levels of market visibility.

The reasons why such a small percentage of users account for such a large proportion of app download activity are not entirely clear. However, industry onlookers believe that account information and password requirements could be playing a significant role in the trend.

Previous versions of the iOS operating system allowed users to download software without requiring password entry, but the feature was subsequently abandoned. The discontinuation of the feature proved to be unpopular in some circles, prompting Apple to reintroduce it. Password entry will still be required if users are attempting to download paid apps, and the bypass setting will only be accessible once the end user disables their Touch ID on the device. The feature will also work on an expanded range of free iTunes content, including movies, books and music.

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