Replying to Emails on the Fly with Merlin AI

February 8, 2023 - 5 minutes read

Writing emails on mobile is a tedious process. As companies increasingly turn to digital solutions for their communication needs, it has become more and more common for employees to manage their work-related email accounts from their mobile devices. However, this can be an arduous task due to certain barriers that are created by the mobile platform. Whether you’re responding to customer inquiries while waiting in line at the grocery store or trying to send off a quick proposed project timeline at lunch, writing emails on mobile can be difficult and impede productivity levels. 

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) is already making this task easier and quicker. Dogtown Media has developed several innovative AI apps to help people make the most of their mobile devices. One such example is MerlinAI. This app, available on the Google Play Store and App Store, uses AI technology powered by ChatGTP and OpenAI to quickly analyze emails and suggest potential responses–saving users valuable time when drafting emails on their mobile device. Let’s jump into the challenges of writing emails on mobile devices and how MerlinAI can be helpful. 

Why Writing Emails on Mobile Can be Cumbersome

There are a number of reasons why the email writing process is more challenging on a mobile device. The first is that most mail services don’t play nicely with small screens. Managing several emails simultaneously can be difficult when UI elements like menu buttons and formatting bars spill off the screen, awkwardly arranged text lines overlap one another. And important features are tucked away in hard-to-reach menus. And without access to a laptop or desktop setup, there is no easy way around for users on their phones.

Another issue is that many people face distractions from arriving notifications which prevents them from concentrating on email tasks. Any notification from Twitter updates or messages from other applications break seamless workflow while looking through inboxes and responding to emails via phone–this interruption turns even simple tasks into much harder ones.

An ergonomic keyboard simply cannot compete with traditional intuitive typing experience–because of screen size limitations combined with the need of frequent tapping that stems out of making basic corrections (let alone selecting long sentences) makes copywriting tedious and sluggish relative to desktop counterparts.  All these issues make writing emails on phones much less straightforward than its desktop counterpart and lead us away from optimal employee performance potential. One tool that can be used to improve email writing potential is Merlin AI.

Merlin AI can Help Users Write Emails More Efficiently

With Merlin AI, users can write emails more effectively on mobile. Merlin AI has a range of features that make email-writing less time consuming and more efficient. Merlin AI uses natural language processing technology and conversational AI to understand questions, allowing users to interact with the app in a natural manner and quickly find answers to their inquiries. This ability saves time, as users don’t have to search for the information themselves.

By using OpenAI’s technology to respond to queries, Merlin AI can predict what emotions are behind certain language patterns and propose appropriate responses accordingly. This capability takes out the frustration of grasping the intended meaning behind someone’s sentence structure when writing emails.

Merlin’s powerful question answering feature allows precise responses that give clear feedback without worrying about typos or miscommunication. This accuracy means users can focus on delivering precise answers without distractions from other digital sources like notifications or ads on their phones–leading towards improved productivity levels while also maintaining accuracy in workflows.

With all these features combined together, Merlin AI is capable of making the process of writing emails on mobile a much easier task–eliminating hassles due to various barriers created by the small screen size and ensuring efficiency in communication processes. Users can save time writing emails so they can focus on other tasks or simply spend more quality time away from their phone screens.

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