Rob Pope Shows Us the Internet of Scary Things

February 28, 2018 - 4 minutes read

Do you love technology? How about the Internet of Things (IoT)? How about keeping your device secure? Of course, you do! Especially that last one.

If you’re in town for SXSW this year in Austin, Texas, you can’t afford to miss the special event we’ve got planned. Rob Pope, our very own CTO, will discuss the “Internet of Scary Things” and give a live hacking demo on March 14, 2018! Click here for more details.

IoT Will Be Everywhere

You don’t have to be an IoT developer to be familiar with both the problems and benefits that this disruptive technology brings to society. If the multitude of headlines discussing malicious malware attacks hasn’t grabbed your attention yet, then perhaps first-hand experience with IoT in your industry has.

IoT is entering and changing every industry. Forklifts, stoplights, toys, even air conditioning  —  everything is trending towards becoming part of an IoT network. And this is understandable. By being connected and streamlining data acquisition, IoT is providing us with priceless insights and abilities never in reach before.

A Problem in Need of Dire Attention

But as with any tool, whether this technology produces good or bad results depends on whose hands it’s in. And since enterprises and startups alike are increasingly leveraging the power of IoT every day, the stakes and inherent risks are also becoming more significant.

HP’s security wing, Fortify, estimates that 70% of popular IoT devices are susceptible to easy hacking methods. Consulting firm Altman Vilandrie & Company found that roughly 48% of U.S. companies utilizing IoT have had their networks compromised. And if security isn’t improved, Forrester believes that 2018 will have much more catastrophic IoT cyberattacks than previous years.

The Man in the Middle

Rob’s presentation will examine some of the recent IoT device hacks, like the infamous Mirai botnet attack that caused internet outages across the entire east coast of the United States. He’ll also discuss whether the media hysteria surrounding IoT security is warranted and whether our futures are already doomed (spoiler: not just yet). But talk is cheap, and Rob is a man of action, so to spice things up, he’ll also be performing a live IoT device hack called “Botnet in a Box”!

Rob’s too humble to toot his own horn, but I’ll do it for him  —  this man’s list of achievements is longer than a novel. He’s a four-time entrepreneur, software engineer, and cybersecurity expert who has helmed the launch of over 100 digital products to date. With a strong background in both IT security and ethical hacking, Rob launched cybersecurity firms SecureTest in 2003 and Vigilante Bespoke in 2009. Currently, he’s the co-founder and CTO here at Dogtown Media as well as a founder at Escaped a company specializing in Penetration Testing.

Whether you’re a techie or developer in Houston, Dallas, Tokyo, or London, you can’t afford to miss this event! Swing on by and get a glimpse of the future of IoT with Rob.

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