Rumblr is Fight Club for the Mobile App Era

November 24, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Fight Club fans may finally have their chance to live out their dreams of street-combat anarchy. Rumblr, the humorously-named new app that’s trying to give users a Tinder-esque platform for engaging in casual fisticuffs, has a long waiting list of users looking to use the mobile app developers’ creation to unleash some steam. Mortal combat-style.

“Bro, your face is pissing me off. Wanna throw down?”

“Hell yeah bro, I’mma f**k you up.”

This dialogue may sound like something from the outside of a bar at three a.m., but in fact it’s taking place in the rumblr chat feature.

Like Tinder, users flip through profiles looking for a “match” — but in this case, a match means someone who might give you a black eye in the parking lot outside Wendys.

The mobile app isn’t developed just for fighters, however; bystanders get a chance to enjoy the action as well, allowing users to locate fights going down near them and lurk on the sidelines. On Tinder it’s fair to say this would be incredibly creepy, but in the context of fighting users may see it as a safety feature, as the app’s marketing copy suggests that the app allows users access to “casualty-free casual fighting.”

The app also features an amusing social media marketing campaign; just get on Instagram and check out @rumblrapp if you want to see what we mean. It’s sort of like those “keep calm and carry on” posts, but with phrases like “testosterone orchestra” and “girl on girl” substituted, over grainy photos of back-alley brawls.

The app hasn’t taken off with London mobile app developers quite yet, but perhaps it’s just the thing needed to let off some of that pressure-cooker startup steam. Or perhaps it’s just completely insane. You bet the judge.

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