Security Remains Primary Concern Effecting Widespread Adoption of IoT Devices

October 21, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Security has been a focus for Internet of Things app developers throughout the growth of the trend, and particularly now as industrial and medical applications become more prevalent.

The effects of a hacker on your smart vacuum cleaner or cloud-connected thermostat may be negligible or annoying, but the situation obviously becomes more serious when considering factory robotics, health-monitoring devices and the locks on your car door.

The increased interconnectivity of these devices has also raised concerns, as a security breach in one object can lead to others connected to the same smartphone, allowing hackers to access credit card numbers, sensitive financial records and any other kind of information that might be living on a particular device or in the cloud.

Thankfully, basic security precautions can offset most threats. As reported at AppAdvice, there are simple actions anybody can take at home to make their IoT devices more secure:

  • Use strong passwords and avoid shared Wi-Fi networks
  • If possible, split your network and run devices separately
  • Implement firewalls on your network
  • Use media access control address filtering
  • Disable your router’s Universal Plug and Play protocol, as these are a common target for hackers
  • Only purchase devices from established, well-reviewed companies

Like any new technology, security risks are far outweighed by the potential benefits the IoT has to offer. Government interest in IoT is sure to bring accelerated development to the security side of things, as well as continued application by big-name corporations like LG Electronics and Cisco.

A 2014 study by Accenture projected consumer adoption of 70% by 2019. As of that study, approximately 13% of the population owned at least one IoT device. Clearly, it’s a trend that’s here to stay. This may not be breaking news to NYC mobile app development companies and consumers in major cities, where the IoT has already become commonplace; nonetheless, it’s probable that the trend will see a few hiccups on it’s way to worldwide adoption.

Security is sure to evolve and improve as IoT devices gain prevalence. In the meantime, IoT enthusiasts should follow the the safety precautions outlined above while using IoT mobile apps and devices.

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